Offer more coverage to your clients.

The Medicare Program is a great way to make additional money from your current leads you are working. It can also build you a very nice residual income. Selling two policies a week can make you over $20,000 in passive income the next year.

If you are with an IMO that does not have a Medicare Program with training and support, let us show you how to increase your profits immediately!

A few benefits of adding Medicare to your business:

  • A Final Expense lead is one of the best Medicare Advantage leads

  • Very high cross-sell percentage

  • Add long-term residual income to your bottom line

  • Roughly $100,000 per year in renewals after 5 years

  • Free up life insurance money by reducing your client’s out-of-pocket expenses using Medicare

  • Lower healthcare and medication expenses

  • Empower clients access to Medicare Part B premiums

  • Increase your opportunity for making money on a sales call

  • Higher return on your lead investments

  • Generate more referrals

  • Clients love to discuss health insurance